Awards and Hangovers

Taking in the sublime and the ridiculous in one day is normal here, but can you remind me not to mix award ceremonies with VAT returns EVER again?

On 29th October, Baz and I went to a nobby London awards ceremony (BIMA) with a free bar! and sent James & Matt to Manchester (Fresh Awards) for another one on the same night – where we were up for three awards. I ended up out with mates Chris from Kempt, Simon from Union Direct and the digital director of MTV until 5am which was great! Until…James and Matt @ Fresh

… I had to get a train back to Cheshire a couple of hours later to do the VAT return with my accountant – who didn’t even bother to turn up! I was not at all impressed. I was knackered, very hung over and feeling very sorry for myself – until I saw James.

James and Matt had had a good night too, shall we say, but James was so very, very ill. And the carpet hadn’t even been down that long. Matt (annoyingly) was just fine, but he is only 21. Did we do a lot of work last Friday? That would be a No.

However, we transformed the new office again last month. We finished off our fantastic Reception with new furniture and LCD screen (oh yes!) and new people and new desks in the main office. Fortunately we didn’t electrocute the electrician either when he came to fix the lights. We just have painfully bright lighting in the ladies loo fit for a torture chamber, and as I had a cyst cut out of my eye on Monday (yes, really), I’m not going to be the one changing the bulbs!

By the way, we have done some work to, we have just won the contract to develop a site for Sunday Bicyclyes (high quality racing bikes), we have also completed a massive 3D graphical project for a global confectionary brand. We have also just released a game called Santa vs Jack for Jokers Masquerade(Fancy Dress) and produced a game for Lloyds TSB (non viral). We are just completing another 3 games to be out before Christmas!

I must dash now, got to get these games finished.

December 2007