Is 100,000 pledges enough for Santa’s take-off?!

Christmas is always a nail-biting time at Matmi. Usually we’re glued to the worldwide viral chart to find out whether our annual offering is going to make the top spot (and 4 years running is pretty hard to beat…).


This year, there’s far more at stake: the happiness of every child and believer in (Green) Santa!


Threatened by global warming, Santa’s icy runway needs plenty of pledges from every child in the country to be greener (as in “environmentally friendly”…). Without them, the ice could melt at an alarming rate, plunging Green Santa and his eagerly-awaited cargo into the depths of …..


No! Stop!! It doesn’t bear thinking about…. !

Over 100,000 pledges…

100,000 pledges so far is brilliant! But is it enough?

There’s only one way to make sure, kids. Get to the website and start pledging even faster now to make absolutely sure that Green Santa takes to the skies on Friday night. He neeeeeeeeds you!

I can’t look……

In hope, Stewart

PS. You might like this neat free-to-play game on the Green Santa website as well. After it’s first week, Polar Pogo is bouncing around most of the planet and is also getting on for 100,000 plays. Spooky (nice). Enjoy, Stewart.

December 2010